Which outdoor display is right for you?

Believe it or not it is meant to be Summer! A time when we start to think about lighting the BBQ, slapping on some sun tan lotion and relaxing in the garden, and of course our outdoor advertising displays. Although it doesn’t seem to be going to plan this summer, with flood warnings in some parts and a grey sky over the Express Displays office today.

Despite the terrible weather we still need to think about how we are going to take advantage of increased passing trade during the summer months and the numerous events that you will be attending over the summer season.

The question is which outdoor display is right for me? I thought I would give you a couple of ideas regarding which to use and when.

Outdoor PVC banners

Outdoor PVC banners are one of my favourite outdoor displays, they are excellent value for money and very flexible. Outdoor PVC banners are custom made to your requirements and can be cut to a size to suit your needs. Eyelets are placed at intervals around the edge of the banner based on your size requirements. You simply attach your banner with cord; they can be tied to railings, fences, gates and much more.

Outdoor Advertising Flags

We have a selection of advertising flags available in a number of shapes and sizes. Our range of flags are portable and can be used on a variety of surfaces, from concrete to sand, all you have to do is select the right base type for your display. As flags are above head height they are great for grabbing someone’s attention in a busy area. Flags can be used as a single standalone, double flags work well together but I personally think that several flags in a row looks stunning.

A Frame Displays

A frames are our largest outdoor display, it consists of an eyelets PVC banner attached to an aluminium frame. They are hardwearing and can be used as a temporary or permanent display. They great for use at the side of a busy road, in a retail park or at an event. Although these are one of our largest displays they are still portable and can be easily dismantled.

Pavement signs

Pavement signs are ideal if you have a message that you want to update on a regular basis, the posters can be changed in seconds. They are extremely portable and can be stored easily.

Fingers crossed that the sun does shine this summer, but if it doesn’t all of our products are specifically designed for outdoor use, they have been tested in wind speeds from between 3 to 18 mph (this varies by product, please call to discuss in detail), are weatherproof and if we are lucky enough to see some sunshine are fade resistant.

If you have any queries then please give us a call.

Many thanks
Express Displays Marketing Manager