Event Kit

Price ex VAT £179.00

Price incl VAT £ 214.80

Stand out in style and grab attention whether you attend one event or seven. The Event Kit was created to work at a variety of events.


If you have a few events coming up, our Event Kit might be exactly what you need.

Consisting of the popular Dash roller banner, the Rocket 6 Pocket A4 literature rack and the Pace 400mm display counter, you can stand out and grab attention at a variety of events.


Event Kit Price: £180

Price of kit items if bought separately: 

Dash Roller Banner Stand

Assembled Size
2010mm high x 800mm wide



Rocket 6 Pocket A4 Literature Rack

Assembled Size
1460mm high x 256mm wide x 370mm deep


Pace 400mm Display Counter

Assembled Size
1000mm high x 400mm diameter


Save 10% with this kit.
Price excludes VAT.

Dash roller banner stand:

2000mm high x 800mm wide (with extra 200mm bleed at the bottom of the stand)

Pace 400mm counter:

1160mm wide x 990mm high

Email your artwork to info@expressexhibitiondisplays.co.uk. Your details will be matched to your order. The artwork quality and size will be checked and if there are any problems, we will let you know.

Dash roller banner stand:

1. Fit pole into base unit
2. Pull graphic up from base
3. Hook graphic on top of pole
4. Job done!

Pace 400mm:

1. Insert four poles into base and tighten base thumbscrews to secure the poles
2. Place counter top over poles and stabilise using top thumbscrews
3. Fit graphic wrap around poles and secure with velcro
4. Job done!

Rocket 6 pocket A4 literature stand:

1. Slide locking tabs away from base unit pivot arm
2. Place your foot on the base to keep it steady, hold top tray and gently lift the rack upwards
3. Rotate pivot arms through 180 degrees, then slide the two locking tabs over pivot arms at unit base
4. Job done!

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