Hyper Hanging Banner

Price ex VAT £9.00

Price incl VAT £ 10.80

  • Includes a printed poster as well as top and bottom snap frame
  • Available in four sizes – A0, A1, A2 and A3
  • Quality, 170gsm coated paper used for posters
  • Snap frame makes changing messages easy
  • Can be used portrait or landscape
  • Artworking Service

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How’s it hanging? Our Hyper hanging banner is perfect if you want to update your message or offer in a retail environment on a frequent basis.

From a seasonal sale to a new product, hanging poster displays are a great way to give your retail display a new look – or to complete a look. Using hanging banners draws attention from afar without taking up precious floor space. They are also great to use in shop windows to draw in visitors.

What makes our hanging banners great?

Our posters are printed on high-quality 170gsm coated paper and they slide easily into the simple snap rail system to be changed as often as you need to.

With four sizes A3 to A0 available, our hanging banners can be used both portrait and landscape to suit your message.

All Hyper hanging banner size options come with a top and bottom snap frame rail and paper poster. Price does not include ceiling hook attachments.


Rail Width: 600mm

Poster Size: 420mm x 297mm



Rail Width: 600mm

Poster Size: 594mm x 420mm



Rail Width: 900mm

Poster Size: 841mm x 594mm



Rail Width: 1200mm

Poster Size: 1189mm x 841mm


Prices exclude VAT.

A3 Poster Size: 420mm x 297mm

A2 Poster Size: 594mm x 420mm

A1 Poster Size: 841mm x 594mm

A0 Poster Size: 1189mm x 841mm


  1. Open the snap rail at the top and bottom
  2. Slide your poster in
  3. Close the rail and fit the end caps
  4. Attach top snap rail to hanging wire system to suspend your banner display
  5. Job done!

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