Modulate™ Displays


Create Your Own Modulate™ Display

Create your own Modulate™ Display – choose from 11 structures.

ONLY £176.25

Modulate™ 3.5m Wide Exhibition Display

3.5m backwall ideal for a 4m wide exhibition space.

ONLY £1,104.00

Modulate™ Retail Display

Retail display ideal for 2m x 1m space.

ONLY £1,197.50

Modulate™ 3m x 2m L Shape Fabric Exhibition Stand

Exhibition display suitable for use in a 3m x 2m space.

ONLY £1,196.25

Modulate™ 3m x 3m L Shape Fabric Exhibition Stand

Exhibition display suitable for use in a 3m x 3m space.

ONLY £1,530.00

Modulate™ Display Room Divider

Room divider ideal for 4m floor space.

ONLY £2,200.00

Modulate™ Exhibition Display Stand

Exhibition display stand ideal for 3m x 4m space.

ONLY £2,335.00

Modulate™ Fabric Displays

Modulate™ Displays combine fabric display stands with magnetically connecting frames to create a lightweight yet modular exhibition display.

The magnetic frames allow a Modulate™ display to scale in size according to the floor space it’s working in. Thanks to its adaptability, changing the size on Modulate™ display stands is cost effective and incredibly easy!

Assembly with no tools needed

Yes really – no tools are needed for assembly!

The frames are the same as our fabric display stands: framework consists of numbered tubular sections that push fit together.

The frame feet will give the structure stability. These feet feature a clever twist and lock mechanism that securely attaches to the frame in seconds. When joining more than one frame together, one foot on either frame can be easily removed using the same twist to unlock motion.

Scaling your Modulate™ Display Stand

The only difference with Modulate™ frames are the two powerful 360 degree magnets located on each side of the frame. This allows an additional frame to magnetically connect to another.

Modulate™ displays provide so much flexibility when it comes to setting up your display – additional structures can be added or removed in seconds to suit the floor space you are working in.

As well as the size of your stand being easily scalable, the shape of your stand can also be adjusted. As an example, one L-shaped backwall for one event can be altered in shape to create a smaller U-shaped meeting booth for another event – this is all without having to buy a completely new stand.

Stretch fabric graphics create a seamless display

Stretch fabric graphics are super lightweight, easy to pack away and simple to clean. They fit over the frame like a pillow sleeve and zip closed to create tension.

Graphics are printed using a dye-sublimation process. This process involves the ink being printed directly into the fabric material. As your artwork is printed into the fabric, you can cool wash and iron your graphics without colour fading or cracking over time (something you see in transfer print alternatives).

Supplied carry bags for every display stand

Each structure that’s purchased is supplied with its own high quality padded carry bag.

For easy transportation, the bag has dedicated compartments to store the graphics and frame feet separately.

Why Express Exhibition Displays?

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  • Frames with 5 year peace of mind guarantee

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