Outdoor Displays

Outdoor advertising displays are a great way of attracting the attention of passing traffic to your brand, your location or key features of your business. We have a great range of outdoor display equipment including pop up bannersflags, countersA-frame display banners and pavement signs.

All of our outdoor display equipment is specifically designed to stand up to the elements, including design features such as; weighted bases to stabilise your display and ground stakes to allow for varying ground conditions. More information can be found on individual product pages.

We’ve also introduced new social distancing displays to help with implementing social distancing measures outside your premises.

Outdoor Banners

We know that using an indoor display stand outdoors can be troublesome. Choosing a banner that can withstand the elements will decrease the chance of damage and will increase its lifespan.

With water filled bases, or extra wide feet on our outdoor banner stands, the choice is yours to find your perfect display. Our eyeleted PVC banners are also perfect for advertising on fences, railings or buildings.

If you’re after a display stand that can be used both indoor and outdoor, then choose our single or double sided Blitz banner. With larger feet, it’s perfect for outdoor use, but can also suit any indoor event, doubling its potential use!

Outdoor flags

Do you need to shout about your business, charity or event? Fly a flag to raise awareness from afar!

Choosing a simple design with your logo can help catch people’s attention. Easy to use and durable, our flags can withstand the elements. We have both popular feather and teardrop shaped flags as well as rectangular flags.

Our popular feather and teardrop flags are available in three sizes ranging from 2.45m tall to over 4 metres.

We also have a range of flag bases available for our range of zip flags to suit your needs. From a ground spike which is great for use on grass, to a car foot to use on car forecourts, to a cross base and weighting ring to use both inside and outside to our heavy duty square base which is great for flat surfaces.

Outdoor A-Frames

If you want to use a large Outdoor PVC banner display but don’t have anything to attach it to, then consider our outdoor A-Frames. With your outdoor PVC banner attached to the aluminium A frame, you can create a large stable display, perfect to use as a portable display for any event or semi-permanent display in a retail environment or car forecourt.

Outdoor signs

Demand attention from passersby with our outdoor signs. We have both A board and swing boards which are perfect for displaying your interchangeable A1 messages.

We also have chalkboards available which are great for pubs, book shops and other retail shops. In recent years, chalkboards have grown in popularity as a new way of attracting attention – including on social media by businesses sharing thoughtful quotes and funny quips.

Outdoor counters

Hey Presto! Our aptly named outdoor counter is great for outdoor events where you need a promotional worktop. It comes in both branded and unbranded options with a header bar to attract attention from afar.

As an outdoor product, the presto counter’s base can be filled with sand or water for added stability.