Outdoor Banners

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Whoosh 1×1 Outdoor Banner

This banner might be small but it certainly grabs attention

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Whoosh 2×1 Outdoor Banner

Grab attention indoors and outdoors with this banner

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Whoosh 3×1 Outdoor Banner

This large banner is perfect for promoting your brand

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Whoosh Custom Outdoor Banner

Get the attention you desire with a custom sized banner…

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Whoosh Outdoor Eco-Banner

Eco-friendly banners for use outdoors.

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Fleet Single Sided Outdoor Banner Stand

Fill the base with water and start promoting yourself in all conditions

ONLY £99.99

Fleet Outdoor Eco-Banner Stand

Water filled base for stability – with an eco-friendly graphic.

ONLY £123.75

Double Sided Blitz Outdoor Roller Banner Stand

It’s outdoor-friendly and double sided. What more could you want?

ONLY £243.75

Outdoor banners

Outdoor banners are great for attracting the attention of passersby to your business or event. We have 2 kinds of banners to choose from. Our Outdoor roller banner stands, which are available with single and double sided graphic display, and our PVC eyeleted banners.

Designed with the great British weather in mind, our outdoor banners are printed on a PVC substrate using UV stable inks making them fade resistant and waterproof. Our outdoor roller banner stands have weighted bases with extra wide twist out feet and are supplied with ground pegs to give them the extra stability they need when being used on grass or in windy weather. Our banner stands have been wind tested, when weighted down our Fleet banner stand can with stand a moderate breeze with wind speeds of between 13-18mph (Beaufort scale 4). At this wind speed, look out for paper being blown around and moving branches. When pegged down our Blitz banner stands can with stand a fresh breeze with winds of between 18-24 mph (Beaufort scale 5) where you’d see swaying small leafy trees.

Choosing the right outdoor banner stand for you

So you have decided that you would like an outdoor banner stand, knowing how you will use your display will help you to decide which one is right for you:

Attending an event or several events

Are you attending an event or several events, for a day or a couple of days? Then you need something that is lightweight and portable. Either our Blitz or Fleet banner will be perfect. The Fleet has a hollow base that can be filled with water or sand that can be emptied to make moving your display easier.

Exhibiting on grass

Picture it, you are at a country show or music event, you’re in the middle of a field and nowhere near a good water supply to weigh down your base, then the Blitz banner stand could be right for you. This banner comes with ground pegs, designed to give you extra stability while on grass.

Pre Event promotion / Semi permanent message

Do you have an event coming up that you would like to promote in advance? In this instance we would recommend a PVC eyelet banner, they can be easily attached to railings, fences or walls (with appropriate fixings). They are ideally placed at the side of a road so that passing traffic can see information about your event Unlike the roller banner stands, which would need to be packed away each night, a PVC banner can be securely left for a limited period– just be sure to seek permission first! Don’t forget if you can’t find the right size banner for you, custom sizes are available.

Free standing pre event promotion

You would like to promote an event but you have nowhere to attach your message we would recommend an Outdoor A-frame, they are a free standing semi permanent display which can be used on hard surfaces such as car parks or in fields. See our Outdoor A-Frames section for more information.