Fleet Outdoor Eco-Banner Stand

Price ex VAT £108.99

Price incl VAT £ 130.79

Stand information:

  • Adjustable height with telescopic pole
  • Max height reaches 2310mm
  • Graphic supported by eyelet system
  • Carry bag supplied

Eco-graphic information:

  • Eco-compliant inks using a UV LED process
  • Inks contains no volatile organic compounds
  • Graphic is 100% PVC free
  • Made from recyclable plastic material, polypropylene

Fleet outdoor eco-banner

The 800mm wide tension banner includes an easy-change eco-graphic with simple eyelet system and telescopic pole, so you can save time and set up in minutes. For extra stability, fill the plastic base with water.

The graphic is 100% PVC free and environmentally friendly, made from a recyclable material called polypropylene. The ink used is also eco-compliant and is free of any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Printed using a UV LED print process.

Foot (ft)Millimetres (mm)Which flag?
7ft2133.6mmJust over small teardrop
9ft2743.2mmJust over small feather/crest
10ft3048mmJust over medium teardrop
11ft3352.8mmJust over medium feather/crest
12ft3657.6mmJust over large teardrop
14ft4267.2mmJust over large feather/crest

Fleet Outdoor Eco-Banner Stand Template

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  1. Place stand in desired location and fill the base with water.
  2. Fit telescopic pole into the base unit.
  3. Open out support arms and hang top two graphic eyelets on the hooks.
  4. Unlock the pole and raise to required height, then attach bottom eyelets to rail hooks.

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