Outdoor Concrete Flag Base


Price ex VAT £43.75

Price incl VAT £ 52.50

Sturdy 22kg weighted Concrete Flag Base. Spigot is 16.8mm in diameter.


This heavy weight base (22kg), provides extra stability for your outdoor flag display.

The sturdy concrete base allows compatible flags to be displayed in wind speeds up to 18mph.

The spigot is 16.8mm in diameter – please call us to confirm the suitability of use with flags not supplied by us.

A female adaptor for this flag base is available upon request.

Price: £34.99

  • 22kg weight
  • 450mm diameter
  • 180mm base height with spigot
  • 16.8mm spigot diameter

  1. Attached spigot
  2. Add your Zip flag
  3. Job done!

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