Wall Mounted Flag Base


Price ex VAT £12.50

Price incl VAT £ 15.00

Our flag wall bracket allows you to easily attach your flag to the side of a building. Spigot diameter is 16.8mm.


Attach the Wall Mounted Flag Base on wood or stone walls with a set of 4 screws. The bracket easily attaches to the wall, providing extra height and visibility for your advertising flags.

The spigot is 16.8mm in diameter – please call us to confirm the suitability of use with flags not supplied by us.

The wall mounted flag base bracket is fixed to the wall using screws, we recommend that if you are fixing the bracket to a brick wall that you place a bit of caulking in the drill holes, then insert your wall plugs into the holes. When the caulking has dried you can then insert your screws.

Once the bracket is in place, simply place the flag onto the spigot.

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