Dynamic 2×3 Straight Pop-up Basic Stand

Price ex VAT £260.00

Price incl VAT £ 312.00

This 2×3 straight display is the perfect starter kit for anyone looking at smaller events or exhibitions or those that are just starting out and have a tight budget.

(Small) 2×3 – Assembled Dimensions: 2225mm high x 1970mm wide.

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Our smallest straight pop up stand comes with printed graphics and a frame. Packed securely in cardboard boxes, this stand creates a big impact without a big budget.

Assembled Size:
2225mm high x 1970mm wide x 306mm deep

Price: £260.00

Price includes pop up frame and graphics.

Main display: 2225mm high x 2932mm wide. Bleed area of 336.5mm required at both ends.

Template : Dynamic 2×3 straight pop up stand

  1. Open the case, take the lid off and remove the magnetic bars, frame and graphic panels
  2. Expand the frame in one easy movement and link the locking arms
  3. Attach the magnetic bars
  4. Hook the graphics over the ‘pips’ on the back of the frame
  5. Finally, hook the side panels so they wrap around front and back of the stand
  6. Job done!

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