Roller Banners

Flash A3 Table Top Roller Banner Stand

Need a small banner to sit on a table? Look no further!

ONLY £27.99

Dash Thin Banner

A slim version of the Dash Roller Banner Stand.

2 for

Dash Roller Banner Stand

On a budget? You’ll get bang for your buck here.

ONLY £49.99

Chroma Key Green Screen Banner Backdrop

Available in 1000mm or 1500mm widths.


Dash Tall Banner

3 metres tall with adjustable height – with 4 different width options.


Nimble Roller Banner Stand

Tight on room? This banner takes up little space!

ONLY £54.99
While stock lasts!

Excaliber Double Sided Roller Banner

Telescopic pole for adjustable heights

ONLY £164.00

Rapid Roller Banner Stand

Need a slightly bigger graphic area to show off your messages?

ONLY £58.75

Rapid 1000 Roller Banner Stand

Go wide! Larger than life, this banner is 1m wide

ONLY £66.25

Bolt 800 Roller Banner Stand

Where’s the base? It’s invisible! Well… near enough.

ONLY £79.99

Bolt 800 Roller Eco-Banner Stand

Indoor banner featuring an eco-banner and hidden base.


Speedy Roller Banner Stand

Want the best looking banner base in town?

ONLY £132.50

Rapid 1200 roller banner stand

Need bigger? Well, how about 1.2m?

ONLY £77.50

Rapid 1500 Roller Banner Stand

Still not big enough? How about 1.5m?

ONLY £91.25

Quick Roller Banner Stand

Take a double take – this banner has a double sided graphic

ONLY £119.99

Bolt 1500 Banner

Looking for wide and a hidden base?

ONLY £172.50

Bolt 2000 Banner

Extra wide graphics and a hidden base make this perfect for your indoor events

ONLY £215.95

Double Sided Blitz Outdoor Roller Banner Stand

It’s outdoor-friendly and double sided. What more could you want?

ONLY £243.75

Replacement Banner Stand Graphics

Update your messages with replacement graphics.

ONLY £28.00

Size and Dimensions Guide Teaser

Pull Up Banner stands

Roller banner stands are quick, easy and affordable display solutions.

Roller banners are different from tension banners as the graphic simply rolls into the base unit. The graphic is then protected by the base unit during storage and transportation.

When it comes to choosing your perfect pull-up banner, size really does matter. Our banner stands come in three size groups: miniature for tabletop displays; standard; and wide.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us on 0800 151 3750 to discuss your display needs.

Desktop roller banners

Our Flash A3 table top banner is perfect as a miniature display or sign to be used on tabletops as it’s only 4400mm tall. As our smallest banner, it’s great to use to advertise flash sales, events, or messages on reception desks and counters.

Standard banner sizes

The standard width for our roller banners is between 800 to 850mm wide. With a great selection to choose from, it’s then an aesthetic choice to find a base that you like. Think about whether you want pull out feet for support, or hidden feet to find your dream banner.

As a quick start, our best seller is our Dash roller banner stand and is our most economical choice too.

Wide roller banners

Looking for a banner that’s bigger than 850mm wide? If so, then you’re looking for our Rapid 1000 Roller banner at 1000mm wide. Wide banners provide a perfect backdrop to be used as press walls or to fill space at exhibitions and events when a standard sized banner just won’t do. They also take up less floor space than a pop up exhibition stand!

Double sided roller banners

Most banners you will come across are single sided so that they can be placed against walls, or areas that will not be seen. But what if your display will be seen from all sides? To maximize your exposure, choose a double sided banner. You can choose to have the same graphic repeated on both sides, or you could choose different messages to suit your needs.

Our Quick banner is perfect for indoor events as a double sided banner, while our Blitz outdoor banner provides added flexibility to be used outdoors too.