Social Distancing Displays

Price ex VAT £3.99

Price incl VAT £ 4.79

Displays that will help you implement social distancing measures. Perfect for retail, public and office buildings.

High quality, long lasting displays from a trusted UK supplier. Choose from pre-made templates or upload your own designs.

Call us for custom requirements or more information.


Social Distancing Signage

Ensure your staff, customers, patients or visitors are safe with clear social distancing signage.

New products are added daily, so please check back for updates or call us for any custom requirements. We also have a live chat system to take advantage of during working hours.

Please see our range of social distancing signs below:

Dash Roller Banner Stand

This pull up banner features a premium non-curl graphic which neatly retracts into the base unit for easy storage and transportation.

Graphics are custom printed using your artwork designs – ideal for displaying important messages or information about your business.

Virus Protection Screen

Virus protection screens offers a shield for customers and staff in retail shops and reception areas.

Everything is assembled already, simply open the frame and insert the clear PVC sheets to finish set up.

The clear PVC inserts are removable and can be cleaned if required. Replacement inserts are available on request.

Floor Stickers

Highlight social distancing measures within your premises using self-adhesive floor stickers – some handy uses include marking out 2 metres between shoppers for queues with a “Stand Here” sticker.

Our self-adhesive floor graphics are simple to use and can be applied to any hard flooring or short pile carpet.

All our floor graphics come with an anti-slip and anti-scuff laminate to keep them looking great for longer.

Chrome Cafe Barrier System

Cafe barriers are ideal for creating temporary private areas indoors and outdoors or to block off sections of your premises.

The custom printed PVC graphics can be used to display important information for staff and visitors.

This kit includes two cafe barrier units, but can be customised on request to include additional units for custom requirements. Please call us to find out more.

Self-Adhesive Window Stickers

Self-adhesive window stickers can be applied on windows, plastic and other smooth surfaces. They’re ideal for displaying important messages for passers by, or information for customers/visitors within your premises.

Printed on a white backing and available in permanent or removable options:

Permanent – featuring a strong adhesive backing that lasts for up to two years. Suitable for application indoors or outdoors.

Removable – contains ‘easy peel’ properties meaning you can replace and re-stick in minutes. Ideal for short term, fast changing messages.

A-Board Pavement Sign

Sturdy A-frame with a galvanised steel backing for added durability. Built to fit an A1 poster within the snap frame.

Perfect for displaying quick changing messages and information including: opening and closing times, directions or important information.

Small Feather Flag

Maximise your presence outdoors or display important information using a Feather Flag. Printed single sided as standard. Double sided options are available on request.

Match your flag with a base to suit every ground condition including hard flat ground, grass, sand, soil and under car wheels. Note, bases are sold separately.

Bollard Covers

Make the most of pavement bollards next to your premises with a printed bollard cover – ideal for displaying important information for customers.

Each bollard cover is fully branded with your artwork design – printed on 4mm correx using UV weatherproof ink for long lasting use outdoors.

Designed to fit 136mm diameter bollards, although custom sizes and shapes are also available on request.

3x3m Printed Gazebo

Create a temporary space to shield workers or customers with a custom printed gazebo. The walls and canopy are fully custom printed, offering the flexibility to include custom messages and artwork designs.

Featuring a strong aluminium frame that opens and closes in a concertina style for easy transportation and storage between events.

Tent weights are available for added stability to the frame – please call us if you require this accessory.

Whizzy Display Counter

Ideal for use as a sanitiser station for visitors of events and in retail or public buildings.

An internal shelf is supplied as standard with self-adhesive vinyl graphics to promote important information and messages. Carry bag included.

Dash Roller Banner Stand:

  • Assembled size: 800mm (w) x 2010mm (h)
  • Boxed size: 900mm (l) x 130mm (h) x 130mm (d)
  • Price: £49.99

Floor Stickers:

  • Maximum size for one graphic: 2000 x 1100mm
  • Prices start from £31.99

Chrome Cafe Barrier System:

  • Assembled size (for one unit): 1850mm (w) x 1000mm (h) x 350mm (d)
  • Weight approx: 20.0kg
  • Price for two unit kit: £264.99

Self-Adhesive Window Stickers:

  • Price for one square metre (minimum order): £36.99
  • Price for one square metre (if ordering more than 1SQM): £24.99

A-Board Pavement Sign:

  • Assembled size: 638mm (w) x 1060mm (h)  x 825mm (d)
  • Price: £34.99

Small Feather Flag:

  • Assembled size: 500mm (w) x 2450 (h)
  • Weight: 4.0kg
  • Price: £58.99
  • Does not include base. Purchase flag base here.

Bollard Covers:

  • To fit bollards up to 136mm diameter
  • Size: 300mm (w) per side x 1000mm (h)
  • Weight: approx 0.2kg
  • Price: £22.99 per bollard cover

3x3m Gazebo:

  • Assembled size: 2950mm (w) x 3355mm (h) x 2950mm (d)
  • Frame only: £149.99
  • 1x Printed Canopy: £409.99
  • 1x Printed Wall (single-sided): £159.99

Whizzy Display Counter:

  • Assembled size: 810mm (w) x 2045mm (h) x 470mm (d)
  • Price: £146.99

Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Dash Roller Banner Stand

  1. Fit pole into base unit
  2. Pull graphic up from base
  3. Hook graphic on top of pole

Floor Stickers

  1. Ensure the surface is dry and dust free.
  2. Peel off the backing from your graphic.
  3. Apply the graphic to your dry and dust free space, ensuring you smooth it over as you go along.

Chrome Cafe Barrier System

  1. Insert the base into the base cover.
  2. Ensure the pole is aligned with the base and insert bolt and washer from under the base. Tighten securely.
  3. Slide the two horizontal graphic support poles through the top and bottom of the graphic.
  4. Attach horizontal graphic poles to main support poles securely.

A-Board Pavement Sign

  1. Open out stand legs and lock arms in place to secure
  2. Open out snap frame and insert graphic
  3. Place acetate over top and close frame

Small Feather Flag

  1. Assemble bungee-corded poles and feed them through channel on flag edge
  2. Insert pole adaptor onto base and fit on required foot option

Bollard Covers

Bollard covers are supplied flat packed. To assemble:

  1. Fold the correx material where the creases are in place to create the triangular shape.
  2. Peel back the self-adhesive strip and stick together

3x3m Printed Gazebo

  1. Slide the pockets located within the canopy over each top section of the frame.
  2. Open the pop up gazebo frame until it reaches its full width.
  3. Now fully extend the frame height and lock into place.
  4. Add gazebo walls to the frame if needed.
  5. Slide optional tent weights on top of the feet of the frame if needed.

Whizzy Display Counter

  1. Insert the body counter into the base
  2. Lower the shelf into the body and slot into fixings
  3. Clip the counter top into place
  4. Connect the two header poles and insert through the top of the counter into the shelf recess
  5. Slot the holes in the back of the header over the poles

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