3×3 Straight Pop-up Kit

Price ex VAT £793.80

Price incl VAT £ 952.56

This complete kit display comes with printed graphics, frame, counter with graphic wrap which also doubles up as a transportation case!

Assembled Dimensions: (Medium) 3×3 -2225mm high x 2700mm wide.

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Our latest addition to our family of pop up kits can be used to create a straight backwall display. These are great to use when floorspace is at a premium. Also comes with LED lights and a graphic wrap counter that doubles up as a transportation case.

Assembled size:
2225mm high x 2700mm wide x 306mm deep

Price: £550.00

Price includes pop up frame, graphics, lights, counter with graphic wrap which also doubles as a transportation case.

Main display: 2225mm high x 3665mm wide; bleed area of 336.5mm required at both ends.

Templates :
3×3 straight pop up stand
Wheeled Case Wrap Template

Email your artwork to info@expressexhibitiondisplays.co.uk. Your details will be matched to your order. The artwork quality and size will be checked and if there are any problems, we will let you know.

  1. Take all parts out of the transport box
  2. Extend the lattice pop up display structure by gently pulling it apart until the central magnets join together
  3. Connect the magnetic bars to the front of the pop up stand by clicking them in place
  4. Attach the panels to the frame from the left (the graphic panel is numbered 1). by hooking it to the top of the structure and attach to the magnetic bars
  5. Attach the next graphic (each graphic is numbered) and ensure that the backdrop is seamless by smoothing out any creases or bumps
  6. Add the lights to the top of the frame
  7. Wrap the graphic around the transportation case and add the counter top to the top.
  8. Job done!

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